I Samuel Bible Study: Chapter 1 Hannah’s Anguish

Welcome to our study through I Samuel with The Quiet Homemaker. We are blogging through the Bible with Good Morning Girls. In this study we will read and study one chapter per day during the week. Taking the weekend to spend time with God in a different way. In this study we will use a method, created by GMG called the SOAK method. In this method each letter stands for a different thing to do.
S – Scripture – Write out the scripture that touches you, that you want to dig a little deeper into. You only need one or two verses.
O – Observation – Look at the verse that you chose and write down a few things that you observe. What stands out or what can you learn about this persons character or the character of God? Is there a promise, command or teaching?
A – Application – How can you apply what you have learned to your own life?
K – Kneeling in Prayer – Write out a prayer that pertains to the verse.
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How to Create Good Actionable Goals

how to create good, actionable goals in 4 easy stepsSo we have created our list of goals for the year. Now we need to make sure that they meet certain criteria or we are going to fail. Our goals need to be good actionable goals. Let’s take a look at my goals for the year, to give you an idea of what I mean.

My Goals for 2017

  • Hand-lettering
  • Move into Camper
  • My families health and mine
  • Add extra time with God
  • My Blog
  • Books on Reading List
  • More Projects for Home school
  • Use Organization Binder

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Have You Set Your Goals for the Year? Follow this Plan for Success!

how to create good actionable goalsMy Goals

So Monday I posted a list of a few things that I would like to accomplish in 2017. For any of these goals to work they must fit into my life, where I am right now.

As I said Monday, we are in a pretty crazy season right now. We are in the middle of building a house. We are packing up 12 years of life, toys, crafts, and junk so we can move from our house to a camper! When we move out to the land where we are building, and into the camper we will have to drive our middle child 45 minutes to school every other week. And all of this while I am homeschooling our youngest! Continue reading