10 Fun Ways to Keep “I’m Bored” Out of Your Summer!

10 Fun Ways to Keep I'm Bored out of Your SummerEveryone is so excited for the wonderful school break, but within a week the kids are crying, “I’m bored!”


I am not bored, I am totally thrilled with no lessons to teach and no hand writing to correct! All these toys…how could you possibly be bored?

You know…

When I was a kid…

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Happy Father’s Day + Our Menu Plan

First I want to say Happy Father’s Day to all of the wonderful Dad’s out there! Raising children is a hard job and all of us really appreciate all that you do! I hope that you all enjoyed your day and had some wonderful food and time with loved ones. Continue reading

How Are Your Reading Goals Going? 2017 Reading List Update

Wow! Can you believe that we are already half way through another year?! It is astounding to me how fast time flies! I am loving all of the books that I have been reading this year. Not as many as I would have liked, but not too shabby for all that we have had going on. I am also adding what I read that was not on my list for the year at the bottom, because when you come across a good book, the list just has to wait! Continue reading

Loud and Proud! Sharing Your Faith

Am I really winning you to Christ with my faith being hidden under a basket? Are you any closer to accepting Jesus because I rarely talk about Him or share my passion? Sharing your faith can be scary, but like Paul we should be bold in sharing our faith.

I have this very dear friend and sister-in-Christ, who is very Loud and Proud about her Jesus and all that He has done for her. She reminds me of Peter or Paul preaching to the masses, saving souls. I envy her “no holds bar” approach to her faith and sharing the gospel. How many hearts has she brought to the feet of Jesus, I wonder?

She lets you know from the start that she is probably a little too much for some, but she makes no apologies for this. I think to win souls for Christ you must be bold and passionate!

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What Are Your Dreams? Do Not Give Up!

What are Your Dreams? Don't give up!What are your dreams?

What are your dreams? Start a business or blog? Visit far off places? Learn to knit or sew? Open an Etsy shop? What ever they are, do not give up!

Our Dream

Building your own home is full of ups and downs. It is usually a pretty fast process once the paperwork is signed and the loan approved. I have seen these houses fly up in less than two weeks! Continue reading