When You are Fearful and Alone Where Do You Turn?

Where do you turn when you are fearful and alone? Though you may feel fearful and alone, you are never really alone. God is always there, ready, with open arms. Turn to Him!

I begged God for forgiveness this morning, forgiveness for the fear; fear of rejection, fear of loss. And also for the insecurities that I battle with. Yesterday we went to a water fall, and I watched this young lady and her father and I wonder:

How much stronger would I have been if I had had a father like that. If there would have been no need to chase down boys for love, affection, and belonging, because I had received it from my earthly father? If my mother had taught me about my heavenly Father’s love for me?

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Simple Beginner Knitting Project

A simple beginner knitting projectKnitting…just the thought of the clicking needles calms my spirit. Last week I shared with you some of the many benefits of knitting, so this week I want to show you a very simple beginner project. The dish cloth. These handmade dish cloths are the only dish cloths that I use. They also make wonderful gifts for friends and family.

All you need to know is how to cast on, how to do the knit stitch, and how to cast off.

If you are brand new to knitting you can learn the cast on and the knit stitch here. This is the video that I learned from. Continue reading

Why You Should Learn to Knit: 10 Health Benefits of Knitting & Crocheting

As a child I remember watching movies where sweet little ladies were knitting and chatting. Their needles clicking, yarn rolled up in balls, and smiles all around. I was so fascinated by this wonderful art! I did not personally know anyone who knew how to knit, though my mom did teach me to crochet, and I desperately wanted to learn.

Thank you Google!

When I was finally out with a family of my own, I decided I was going to learn to knit. I found knittinghelp.com and off I went. Now, I am definitely not a pro in any sense of the word, but it is something that I really enjoy doing.

Along the way I learned that there are actually some amazing health benefits of knitting, as well as it being enjoyable.

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Are You Really Friends? 6 Ways to Invest in Your Friendships

Our friends are important to us, so lets refocus, open up a little time, and find ways to invest in your friendships, family, and God.

As I look at my life I see that I have a small group of friends. I have plenty of acquaintances, you know, the ones that you enjoy talking with, but you are not really “invested” in, nor are they in you. Are we truly invested in those that we say are our friends? I see the people around me and they are so busy. Do they even have the time to invest in me? And honestly, that is totally fine. Being a true friend takes real investment of each others time and emotions. But are we doing this? Continue reading

What If Our Weakness Isn’t Something We Are Supposed To Overcome?

Today I have a special guest post for you, where we will be talking about the fact that, just maybe, sometimes our weakness isn’t something we are supposed to overcome, but are instead used to draw us closer to our Heavenly Father. With me today is Jessica from Overwhelmed to Fulfilled, and I know that you will be blessed by her words today. Make sure to take a minute and check out her site!

What if…

I know this sounds weird.  I am all about overcoming our weaknesses.  The majority of my blog posts are about accomplishing goals, identifying the power you have to create the life you want, tips and strategies to be the best version of yourself – all while relying on God and loving yourself.

My heart for moms is for you to let go of the things that aren’t important.  So, you can enjoy your life and leave behind the guilt of all the outside influences that make you feel less than…because you can never do all the things they say you “should do.” Continue reading