A Christian Mom’s Guide to Goal Setting + A FREE Workbook!

Do you strive to live a life of peace and organization? Are you struggling with your homemaking and feeling overwhelmed? Have you started a new season that is leaving you feeling chaotic? Let me help you with my Christian Mom’s Guide to Goal Setting Workbook!

We are first children of the Most High King. Our King has blessed us with a marriage, children, and a home. And He has called us to serve in these areas with all our might (Ecclesiastes 9:10). He also calls us to minister to those He brings into our lives during different seasons. And He calls us to rest in Him.

Guide to Goal Setting

To do this effectively and efficiently we need to assess where we are, where we would like to be, and then make the goals necessary to get there. We must do this with our Father’s guidance. Take some time to really think about the goals that you want to set and how they fit in your life season right now.


When we reflect and set goals, we need to really think about the season that God has us in right now and make goals that represent that season. Maybe you are in a new parenting season with a new little one. This changes so many things in the home like:

  • time with hubby
  • One on one time with older siblings
  • meals
  • cleaning
  • rest

Maybe you decided to start homeschooling! This is a huge adjustment for the child and for you. Homeschooling takes up a huge block of time so things like cleaning and cooking are harder to get done.

Heart Callings

There are seasons also when God is working on our hearts with certain things that we need to change. For me, one year I had to make a goal to stop yelling so much. I came from a home where there was a lot of yelling. I then became a yelling parent and God showed me that this was not good for my children. So this was a parenting area that I needed to work on. Also, I have made goals for myself in the homemaking area. I needed to set up some home organization and cleaning goals. It took me a long time to find a system that worked for me. Mainly because I kept trying to be like those amazing people who have the spotless “eat off the floor” houses. You could start menu planning to help out or commit to trying new recipes.

Remember You!

Make sure that you do not neglect yourself in your goal setting!!! We each need time each day to refresh ourselves. This is going to look different for each of us, but is so very important. you can not give if you have nothing left to give. So make some goals for the things that bring you joy and refreshment. And do this without guilt!

Every Christian mom needs quiet time with God. No one can get us through the mundane chores and never ending to-do lists with joy and contentment like the Father. So work hard to draw close to Him and invite Him into every part of your day, including your goal setting.


As you reflect on what is working and what is not, pray for God to open your eyes to this season and where He wants to lead you. Then use the workbook as a guide to help you have a life of peace and joy as you implement practical improvements through the goal setting steps.

Again, let God lead you.

Do not try to make someone else’s season and goals your own.

A Guide to Goal Setting Steps:

  • List Your Top 5-6 Priorities or “Categories”
  • Create a few Goals for each Category
  • Rate them in Order of Importance to You
  • Make Them Measurable with Time Limits and Numerical Values
  • Break them Down into Bite-Sized Pieces

And then have fun!!!

Get my 4 goal setting tips here!

Download the workbook here!


Grab your FREE Goal Setting Workbook!

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I encourage Christian women who have chosen to be a SAHM, struggling with overwhelm and dissatisfaction to seek refuge from the Lord so that they can serve their families with joy and have peace and contentment in all they do.

I want you to know that you can:

*find joy and contentment in serving your families
*live with peace and rest in Christ
*organize your home in a way that works for you and gives you time to explore your interests without guilt
*have time to grow your relationship with our heavenly Father.

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3 thoughts on “A Christian Mom’s Guide to Goal Setting + A FREE Workbook!

  1. You are so right, we should draw near to the Father when goal setting. I think it’s an area that’s easy to just start working on before really reflecting and praying about where He wants us to focus our time and energy. Also, remembering the season we are in and that our goals don’t have to look like other people’s goals…to take our unique selves into consideration. Those are both traps that are easy to fall into when you see so many people posting about their goals. Love your workbook! I’m so excited for the blessings and guidance it is going to give anyone who uses it! 🙂
    Jessica recently posted…Thinking Back to Think Forward – Live Life Well Link Up # 9My Profile

    1. Jessica,

      As always thank you so much for you sweet word! You bring my heart so much joy!!

      You are right, it is so easy to see others goals and think they are so awesome and want to do them as well. But our goals must be tailored to our individual situation. And seeking God first is a must as well.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and comment, it means the world to me! 🙂



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