DIY Bobbin Holder

Are you learning to change colors in your crochet or knitting? This DIY bobbin holder easily fits the bill. And for under $10 it is SO in my price range!

DIY Bobbin HolderOne thing that I have learned that makes color changing easier is to have bobbins and a bobbin holder. Last week I share with you my own FREE DIY Crochet Bobbins. But I really needed an efficient way to work with all those bobbins. This DIY bobbin holder is quick and easy and can be made for under $10!

I wanted something that held the bobbins away from each other, and I wanted separate holes for each piece of yarn. I also wanted it to be relatively easy to change the bobbins around.

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DIY Crochet Bobbins

Are you new to changing colors while knitting or working with crochet? Learn how to make you own (very cheap but cute) DIY Crochet Bobbins!

DIY Crochet BobbinsI am participating in a crochet along that has me learning a new skill, changing colors! To do this I found that you need something called a bobbin.

For crochet? Yes, there are bobbins for knitting and crochet as well as sewing. Who knew? LOL. As I was searching the web looking for some way that I could make or get some bobbins quick (I am a little impatient) I came up with an idea of my own. Continue reading

Fall Crochet Along: Hosted by Dreams and Caffeine

Do you need a fun crochet project for the fall? Then you should check out this awesome Wanderlust Fall Crochet Along, hosted by Dreams and Caffeine!

Fall Crochet AlongSo a few weeks ago I wrote about 10 amazing benefits of the textile arts like knitting and crochet. The next week I gave you a simple knitting project that is great for beginners.

Today I am going to point you in the direction of a wonderful project that I will be participating in this fall. It is a Fall Crochet Along that will be hosted by Dreams and Caffeine. During the CAL we will be given the grid pattern each week through email and will work that pattern during the next week (making sure to share our progress on the private FB group).

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Simple Beginner Knitting Project

A simple beginner knitting projectKnitting…just the thought of the clicking needles calms my spirit. Last week I shared with you some of the many benefits of knitting, so this week I want to show you a very simple beginner project. The dish cloth. These handmade dish cloths are the only dish cloths that I use. They also make wonderful gifts for friends and family.

All you need to know is how to cast on, how to do the knit stitch, and how to cast off.

If you are brand new to knitting you can learn the cast on and the knit stitch here. This is the video that I learned from. Continue reading

Why You Should Learn to Knit: 10 Health Benefits of Knitting & Crocheting

As a child I remember watching movies where sweet little ladies were knitting and chatting. Their needles clicking, yarn rolled up in balls, and smiles all around. I was so fascinated by this wonderful art! I did not personally know anyone who knew how to knit, though my mom did teach me to crochet, and I desperately wanted to learn.

Thank you Google!

When I was finally out with a family of my own, I decided I was going to learn to knit. I found and off I went. Now, I am definitely not a pro in any sense of the word, but it is something that I really enjoy doing.

Along the way I learned that there are actually some amazing health benefits of knitting, as well as it being enjoyable.

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