Live Life Well: Encouragement for the Journey

My dear friend Jessica from Overwhelmed to Fulfilled and I would like to welcome you to, Live Life Well: Encouragement for the Journey.  Where each week you can come and check out multiple links  to wonderful posts full of encouragement for busy women from all walks of life. We pray that this is a blessing to you

Homeschooling Mistakes

Being able to homeschool is such an amazing blessing. But it does not come without its own set of problems and mistakes. It is a beautiful journey that each family must find their own way through. We must tailor it to our current season and to our children, their learning styles, and their hearts.

There is no right or wrong way to school your children, as long as you are making sure to follow the laws of your state. So we must look at lots of different options, try new things, and not be scared to get rid of what is  not working! Also make sure that when listening to advice for what works for another family, it is just that, advice. Do not do it if it does not work for your homeschool!

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Relationship Verses Religion: Having God Conversations With Our Children

Relationship verses ReligionRelationship verses Religion

Hi everyone! Welcome back to another guest post from our wonderful friend and fellow blogger Cristine Pina from Honing into Home. Today we are going to be talking about the importance of relationship verses religion. And how having those God conversations with our children is what makes all the difference. I know for me I grew up in a religious home. There were lots of rules and regulations and not very many heart to heart talks about how much my Father in Heaven loves me. It is so important that we give our children the correct view of the Father! Continue reading

10 Fun Ways to Keep “I’m Bored” Out of Your Summer!

10 Fun Ways to Keep I'm Bored out of Your SummerEveryone is so excited for the wonderful school break, but within a week the kids are crying, “I’m bored!”


I am not bored, I am totally thrilled with no lessons to teach and no hand writing to correct! All these toys…how could you possibly be bored?

You know…

When I was a kid…

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Pleasing God in Our Homeschool…Guest Post

Pleasing God in our HomeschoolGood Afternoon!
I hope that you all are having a wonderful week! I have a wonderful surprise for you! My dear friend Cristine Pina has agreed to share another post with us here at The Quiet Homemaker where she will be talking about pleasing God in our homeschool! I am so excited! Cristine is an amazing sister in Christ with a beautiful story of redemption that we can all learn from. Make sure to check her out on her site Honing Into Home, her Facebook, and she is also on YouTube.

Take it away Cristine!

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Homeschooling: Much More Than “Schooling at Home”!

Homeschooling Much More Than Schooling at HomeHello dear readers. Today I would like to share with you all a guest post from a very dear friend and sister in Christ, Cristine Pina, about schooling at home. She is a wonderful woman of God, a mother and wife, and a huge inspiration to me. She also runs a Vlog, Delight Yourself In The Lord, on Youtube that you should really check out.

It is so important, whether we homeschool our children or not, that we instill the truth and virtues of Jesus into our children’s hearts. They are the future missionaries and disciples that will carry God’s word onto the next generation. This is our one true purpose in this world!

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