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Are You Really Friends? 6 Ways to Invest in Your Friendships

Are You Really Friends?

As I look at my life I see that I have a small group of friends. I have plenty of acquaintances, you know, the ones that you enjoy talking with, but you are not really “invested” in, nor are they in you. Are we truly invested in those that we say are our friends? I see the people around me and they are so busy. Do they even have the time to invest in me? And honestly, that is totally fine. Being a true friend takes real investment of each others time and emotions. But are we doing this? Continue reading

What If Our Weakness Isn’t Something We Are Suppose To Overcome?

Today I have a special guest post for you, where we will be talking about the fact that, just maybe, some of our weaknesses are not meant to be overcome, but are instead used to draw us closer to our Heavenly Father. With me today is Jessica from Overwhelmed to Fulfilled, and I know that you will be blessed by her words today. Make sure to take a minute and check out her site!

What if…

I know this sounds weird.  I am all about overcoming our weaknesses.  The majority of my blog posts are about accomplishing goals, identifying the power you have to create the life you want, tips and strategies to be the best version of yourself – all while relying on God and loving yourself.

My heart for moms is for you to let go of the things that aren’t important.  So, you can enjoy your life and leave behind the guilt of all the outside influences that make you feel less than…because you can never do all the things they say you “should do.” Continue reading

Finding Your Sabbath + A Menu Plan

Finding Your Sabbath

I feel that the Sabbath looks different for each of us. I also think that it means something different for each of us. Some spend them morning and evening at a church, some watch church on TV from home, and some make their own church with worship and rest in their own way.

For me, the Sabbath is a day of rest. A day where I refresh so that throughout the week I can refresh those that I love and care about. So my ideal day is one that is free of cleaning schedules and appointments. I start my day with God and reconnect with Him throughout the day. It is a day spent outdoors and in awe of the beauty that He created for each of us. This refreshes me. Continue reading

Are You Excited About Jesus?

Are You Excited About Jesus?Are You Excited About Jesus?

Life is so busy! We rush through it all so we are able to check things off of our lists and “feel” accomplished. In all this busy we are losing site of the things that are really important; true joy, God’s peace, and being excited about Jesus. We talk about self-care because we are running on empty most days. I do think that self-care and time alone are important, even Jesus went off to be alone, with God, but why are we needing this so badly now?

I think as Christians we want to be excited about Jesus, we want to have joy and peace, but we walk away from our Bibles and devotionals and run into our day of endless cleaning and laundry and kids. Our excitement for what we learned that morning is gone by the time the first bowl of Cheerios hit floor.

Continue reading

Relationship Verses Religion: Having God Conversations With Our Children

Relationship verses ReligionRelationship verses Religion

Hi everyone! Welcome back to another guest post from our wonderful friend and fellow blogger Cristine Pina from Honing into Home. Today we are going to be talking about the importance of relationship verses religion. And how having those God conversations with our children is what makes all the difference. I know for me I grew up in a religious home. There were lots of rules and regulations and not very many heart to heart talks about how much my Father in Heaven loves me. It is so important that we give our children the correct view of the Father! Continue reading

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