Still Waters Book Review

There is nothing better than a great book that whisks you away. That takes you to a place that gives you rest and peace and teaches you a little something about life along the way. Still Waters by Lindsey Brackett is that book!

Lindsey has struck gold with her debut novel Still Waters. The book is set on Edisto Island, South Carolina along the beach coast. Edisto and the characters come to life during your time spent with them. Gripping from the first chapter, you know that this entire family has some serious hurt to work through. But it is especially difficult for Cora Anne. Can she face and overcome her past? Can she let go, let God heal, and let love in after all these years? Continue reading

Fostering Feelings Book Review

Fostering Feelings: A Devotional Guide to Navigating the Ups and Downs of Foster Parenting

fostering feelingsThe last 30 day with this book have been amazing. Though the book is written for parents who are in the throws of fostering, Emily touches the hearts of all those who parent in any situation.

No matter where you are in the parenting journey, this book will open your eyes to your own children’s needs and ground you in your relationship with your own heavenly Father.

In this book, Emily has created 30 devotionals that begin with a Bible reading selection and then highlights one verse. She then corroborates this verse to her journey in fostering and her personal growth in this area. It is raw and real and does not allow you to think that this is going to be a bed of roses.



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How Are Your Reading Goals Going? 2017 Reading List Update

Wow! Can you believe that we are already half way through another year?! It is astounding to me how fast time flies! I am loving all of the books that I have been reading this year. Not as many as I would have liked, but not too shabby for all that we have had going on. I am also adding what I read that was not on my list for the year at the bottom, because when you come across a good book, the list just has to wait! Continue reading

What Am I Reading?

Paul Sweeny quoteI am very excited that I am getting a little more reading in each day. I was so busy there for a little while that I was not able to get the time. Reading for me is very relaxing and gives me a much needed break. I love getting to explore new worlds that amazing authors are able to come up with. Wow, at some people’s imagination!

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What Am I Reading

Happy Saturday to you all!!!

Have you been getting your daily reading in? Reading is so good for you on so many different levels. It gives you a nice rest break, it is good for your brain (brain break) and depending on what you are reading you may learn something new! Since moving out to the land, (read about the crazy start and the first week) I have had more time to read. We only have 1 TV and it is where MK sleeps when his big brother is not here. So we have to retire to the bedroom pretty early. I sit back enjoy some popcorn and read! Continue reading