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What Am I Reading?

Paul Sweeny quoteI am very excited that I am getting a little more reading in each day. I was so busy there for a little while that I was not able to get the time. Reading for me is very relaxing and gives me a much needed break. I love getting to explore new worlds that amazing authors are able to come up with. Wow, at some people’s imagination!

So here is what I have finished over the last two weeks.

Different by Sally Clarkson (I also wrote a post about a part of the book that really touched me)
All To Jesus by Robert J. Morgan
Flourish by Margaret Feinberg

Blind Trust by Sandra Orchard


And here is what I am reading over the next two weeks! :

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

Tiny House Living by Sarah Stewert (since we are now living in a camper!)

Wings of Fire #5 by Tui T. Sutherland (This is a great children’s series, both my boys and myself are really enjoying them)

Dragonwatch by Brandon Mull (My love for this author has no bounds!!! You should check out his Fablehaven and 5 Kingdoms series)

Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling


Make sure to stay tuned to The Bookshelf where in two weeks I am going to look back at my 2017 Reading List and see how I am doing so far! I know that I have veered off my path a little, but we shall see! 🙂


Also, I am thinking that I would really like to do a book club. I would like to read another one of Sally Clarkson’s books. Let me know if you would like to join in the comments below!





What are you reading right now? Did you set any reading goals? How are they going?






What Am I Reading

Happy Saturday to you all!!!

Have you been getting your daily reading in? Reading is so good for you on so many different levels. It gives you a nice rest break, it is good for your brain (brain break) and depending on what you are reading you may learn something new! Since moving out to the land, (read about the crazy start and the first week) I have had more time to read. We only have 1 TV and it is where MK sleeps when his big brother is not here. So we have to retire to the bedroom pretty early. I sit back enjoy some popcorn and read! Continue reading

What Are You Reading This Week? Check These Out!

Good Morning!

Well it is Sunday again! Goodness this year is flying by.
Unfortunately I have not gotten a whole lot of reading done this week. I feel like time is just flying by. I do not seem to have time to do the things that I would really like to do. I can get little snippets in, but nothing substantial.

My reading goals are flopping before my eyes!! Continue reading

What Are You Reading in 2017? My Reading List…

I have so many books that I really want to read, but I set them aside for a book that I picked up on a whim. So this year2017 Reading List I thought that I would make a list of the books that have been on my To-Read List for while. This is my goal for the year, I may not get to all of them, but with a goal of 72 books read this year, I am hoping to put a pretty big dent in this list. Continue reading

Are You Meeting Your Reading Goals? Try this!


Did you set any reading goals for the year? How are they going? Are you finding the time to read each day. Reading is very important to so many different reasons:



*Closer Relationship with God



My Reading Goals

So when I set my reading goals for this year, I am thinking that I really did not know what I was getting myself into. I have read 100 books in a year, but that was a few years ago, and ONLY once! This year my goal is to read 72 books, which is 6 books each month. I needed to break it down a little more. I am trying to read at least 10 pages in each book that I am reading, each week. This may not seem like a lot, but I am currently in the middle of 15 books. I know, what in the world am I thinking? Usually I stick to one fiction book at a time, but I have so many that I want to read! I can keep up with quite a few non-fiction at a time. Some of them are devotionals, which are a little more long term reads.
So here is what I am reading this month!


What I am Reading this Week

Wow! I think that I will officially admit that I am a little crazy!

So what are your reading goals for the year? Do you have a book list? I have one for the year, you can read about it here.







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