What Are Your Dreams? Do Not Give Up!

What are Your Dreams? Don't give up!What are your dreams?

What are your dreams? Start a business or blog? Visit far off places? Learn to knit or sew? Open an Etsy shop? What ever they are, do not give up!

Our Dream

Building your own home is full of ups and downs. It is usually a pretty fast process once the paperwork is signed and the loan approved. I have seen these houses fly up in less than two weeks! Read more

The Beginning of a Dream…

The Beginning of a Dream

As a child, we always spent at least two weeks during the summer at my mother’s parents farm. They had 200 acres of land and raised cows. They also planted and froze Butter Beans and Snap Peas. My Papa was the best! He would have us kids around all over that farm. He taught me to fish, drive a tractor, and work hard. He was a hard man, but a good one, but heaven help, do NOT tell him you are bored!

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Why I Ditched My Cleaning List & How I Started Over!

Life is funny sometimes, you know? We make changes in our life and think that we are doing what is best. We forget
I ditched my cleaning list the lessons that we have already learned in this area and we just push forward. I want a clean home and a cleaning list really helps me to do this. My past has really hindered me in this area for many different reasons. I had worked through this at one point, but it seems that I needed to learn the lesson again, and this time the very hard way. Read more

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed? Join me!

OverwhelmAre You Feeling Overwhelmed? Join me!

Over the past few weeks I have been feeling so very overwhelmed! Feeling overwhelmed is dragging me down, stealing my joy, making me loose focus (which means I get even less done), and affecting my family. I knew that I needed to do something to get back on track. I need to find a system for my life that works.

Yesterday I was watching a Crystal Paine Periscope. She began talking about this course that she is going to take by Stacy at Humorous Homemaking called Home Management How-To.  I perked up! Was this the thing that I needed? Crystal went on to say that she would start the class on Tuesday (March 7) and was opening up a private Facebook page, just for those taking the course. Well I am sold! I love Crystal Paine and the course looks amazing!

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A Dream Coming True, Slowly

If you haCamper is at the landve been following my site for any length of time I am sure that you know that we are getting ready to make some very large changes. Changes that I am so happy and excited about. We are now one step closer! JP had finished the work on the camper and had stationed it out at the land! I am one very happy woman! Read more