How to Create Good Actionable Goals

how to create good, actionable goals in 4 easy stepsSo we have created our list of goals for the year. Now we need to make sure that they meet certain criteria or we are going to fail. Our goals need to be good actionable goals. Let’s take a look at my goals for the year, to give you an idea of what I mean.

My Goals for 2017

  • Hand-lettering
  • Move into Camper
  • My families health and mine
  • Add extra time with God
  • My Blog
  • Books on Reading List
  • More Projects for Home school
  • Use Organization Binder

There are some huge problems with these goals! I am going to walk you through how to improve a few of them. Since I have already started on the Hand-lettering goal, I will go over that one first.

4 Easy Steps

  1. Write Your Goals Down
  2. Be Specific and Make them Actionable
  3. Make it Measurable
  4. Give it a Number/Deadline

Write Down Your Goals

You need to write your goals down. If you just “keep them in your head” then there is no plan and you will soon get bogged down with everyday life and forget about your goals. They also need to be written somewhere you are going to notice them on a daily basis. Out of site is definitely out of mind!

Be Specific and Make them Actionable

Just saying “Hand-lettering” or “learn to hand-letter” is not a good goal. It is all about having a good plan in place to help you succeed in your goals. You also need an action plan. How are you going to accomplish your goal?

Make it Measurable

This is important, how can you tell if you have accomplished your goal if you have no measure of when you have completed it. I will loose weight in 2017 is not a measurable goal, but I will loose 15 pounds, or I will weigh 140 pounds by July, is.

Give it a Number/Deadline

You must have a deadline to work toward, and not just during 2017. This leaves you open to put things off until the last minute and then you run  out of time.  Deadlines lend to a sort of urgency and will help you set up your day so that you can meet your goals.

Put It Into Practice

Now that we know what things our goals need to have in them, let’s work on my goals a little bit. My goal is that I want to learn to hand-letter.  First let’s get a little more specific.


* In 2017 I will learn and practice hand-lettering.


Now we need to add in some actions that will help me reach this goal. These action steps also help to make our goal more measurable. I can see whether or not I have completed each of these things.


* In 2017 I will learn and practice hand-lettering by taking the 31 Days to Love Your Lettering course and then doing the Handlettering for Everyone workbook.


Next we need to add in some measure of time. I put 2017 because this is something that I want to do all year, but I still need to assign some sort of time to it.


* In 2017 I will learn hand-lettering by taking the 31 Days to Love Your Lettering course and then doing the Handlettering for Everyone workbook, and I will practice each day for 10 minutes.

This is a good actionable goal that I can add to my planner, or break down into months and weeks in a goal setting worksheet.

Last, you need to have some way to keep yourself accountable. Tell a friend about your goal, use a goal setting app, or comment below with you goal and I will help motivate you!


Happy Goal Setting!




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