DIY Bobbin Holder

Are you learning to change colors in your crochet or knitting? This DIY bobbin holder easily fits the bill. And for under $10 it is SO in my price range!

DIY Bobbin HolderOne thing that I have learned that makes color changing easier is to have bobbins and a bobbin holder. Last week I share with you my own FREE DIY Crochet Bobbins. But I really needed an efficient way to work with all those bobbins. This DIY bobbin holder is quick and easy and can be made for under $10!

I wanted something that held the bobbins away from each other, and I wanted separate holes for each piece of yarn. I also wanted it to be relatively easy to change the bobbins around.

Here is what I came up with:


DIY Bobbin Holder

  • 2 – 5/16inX36in Dowels (This will give you 6 dowels with 2 bobbins fitting on each)
  • 1 Plastic Basket with holes (about 11X13 1/4) Like this one
  • 3 pkgs. Wooden Cap Assortments like these
  • 2 Small binder clips (Must fit tight on the dowel)
  • Small hand saw
  • Wood glue


  1. Mark and cut dowels – 12in each
  2. Glue caps onto one end of dowels, leave other end free.
  3. Slide into holes
  4. Add bobbins and slide through hole on other side, then add cap (without gluing)
  5. Add binder clip to top dowel and feed yarn through. Leave one metal clip up and one down. This will let you feed yarn from the top and bottom.
  6. Feed yarn through holes at front of the basket.
Here are a few images to help you out! :0)

And that is all there is to it. I already had the basket and picked up the rest at Walmart for around $8.

So if you are looking to expand your crochet or knitting talents to include some color changing these bobbins and DIY bobbin holder will be a great, and cheap, way to get started.

Hope to see you in the Wanderlust Crochet Along!






Check out my first ever Facebook live all about how the Bobbin Holder works!


Here is a great video on how to change colors in crochet! He also teaches about bobbins and C2C crochet!



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