Fearless: Reflections From January


Each month I would like to take you on a journey and show you what my #OneWord looked like. This is a personal journey, but one that I feel can benefit you as well. Especially if you are one who struggles with fear, anxiety, and worry as I do. God is doing amazing things in my life, as I rely on Him, understand His love for me and face the fears in my life. I pray that this journey is a blessing to you.


Book of the Month

This month, for my “fearless” book I chose Fearless by Max Lucado. I always know that when I read something of his I am going to come away from it more wise and with a deeper understand of whatever the topic is. And I will enjoy the journey. He is an amazing author and man of God and has a great sense of humor that I love! This books was definitely one of those books as well.

Fear is real, and it affects each of us as some point in our lives, but we do not have to live in fear. We do not have to let it stay and take up residence in our hearts and minds. We can live a life that, though it may not be free every fearful thought, fights them when they do arrive. Mr. Lucado walks you through why we are fearful and the different types of fears and how to combat them with scriptural truth.

Fear is real, and it affects each of us as some point in our lives, but we do not have to live in fear. Click To Tweet

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

“Treat frets like mosquitoes… give the critter the slap it deserves…The moment a concern surfaces, deal with it. Don’t dwell on it. Head off worries before they get the best of you. Be a doer, not a stewer.”


“Seek first the kingdom of wealth, and you will worry over every dollar. Seek first the kingdom of health, and you’ll sweat every blemish and bump. Seek first the kingdom of popularity, and you’ll relive every conflict. Seek first the kingdom of safety, and you’ll jump at every crack of the twig. But seek first His kingdom and you will find it. On that, we can depend and never worry.”


“Peter shifted his attention away from Jesus and toward the squall, and when he did, he sank like a brick…Whether or not storms come, we cannot choose. But where we stare during a storm, that we can.”


“How sturdy are the bolts of your belief? Reinforce them daily with Bible readings, regular worship, and earnest communion with God. ‘Courage is fear that has said its prayers.'”



Facing Fears

I am reading the just released book Don’t Go Through Life Naked and all through this book Susan talks about how important it is to really recognize where the lies are and combat them with truth. I am really enjoying the book and all the tips and scripture that she give to fight the devil.


And that is where fear comes from. It is not from God. He gives us a spirit of peace and love and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). This transcends into our entire Christian walk. In my series Accepting God’s Abundant love for You I wrote on post about seeing the lies and one about fighting those lies with truth. It is something that I have battled with in many areas of my Christian life.


For me the biggest struggles are fear of rejection (people laughing at me b/c if they laugh at me they don’t love me, right?), fear of confrontation (I mean the person could totally eat me or something!), and the fears that run through my head (because, those are going to come true :/).

Even though I know all of this is silly, it is so hard for me. The fear seems uncontrollable. The key word here is seems! This is a lie from the devil.



This month I had the opportunity to face one of these fears. It was a little battle in most respects, but for me it was hard to face.

For the last week or so my son (MK) and husband (JP) have been clown laughing at random times. They get a kick out of it. (Yes, this is what I live with ALL the time! LOL). One night, after a wonderful dinner out, JP and MK started up again. This time BB was also in the truck with us. They go BB to also do the clown laugh and we were all laughing and enjoying our time together.

But then JP says those dreaded words, “Honey, you try it!” What!? Me?! Heck no! I am totally good on that one! But he kept on…and then I saw it!

This is one of those moments. A moment when I need to be silly and real. Throwing away fear and embracing the moment.

It was one of the hardest things I have ever done! But…I did it! I made a goofy clown laugh. It was sooo bad, lol. And we all laughed. And it was beautiful!


So each day I am finding verses that help me on my path of being fearless. Here are my verses for this month. Not all of these verses will be directly about fighting fear, or being fearless. Some may speak of why we should not fear or of God’s promises to those who have faith.

Isaiah 12:2
Proverbs 3:24
Proverbs 3: 25-26
I John 4:18-19
Deuteronomy 31:6
Matthew 8:26
Zephaniah 3:17
Matthew 10:31

John 16:33
Matthew 10:28
Matthew 6:25
Mark 5:36
Matthew 9:2
Luke 8:50
Matthew 14:27
Luke 12:32

John 14:1
Mark 14:33,35
John 14:27
Luke 24:38
Matthew 24:6
Matthew 17:7
2 Timothy 1:7
Romans 8:15
Romans 8:37
Titus 2:15
I Peter 5:7
Philippians 4:5
John 14:20
Matthew 28:20
John 10:28


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