Why You Should Learn to Knit: 10 Health Benefits of Knitting & Crocheting

As a child I remember watching movies where sweet little ladies were knitting and chatting. Their needles clicking, yarn rolled up in balls, and smiles all around. I was so fascinated by this wonderful art! I did not personally know anyone who knew how to knit, though my mom did teach me to crochet, and I desperately wanted to learn.

Thank you Google!

When I was finally out with a family of my own, I decided I was going to learn to knit. I found knittinghelp.com and off I went. Now, I am definitely not a pro in any sense of the word, but it is something that I really enjoy doing.

Along the way I learned that there are actually some amazing health benefits of knitting, as well as it being enjoyable.

Health Benefits of Knitting:
  1. Keeps some focused during lectures, etc
  2. Induces a relaxed state like that of yoga and meditation (Dr. Herbert Benson @ The Relaxation Response)
  3. Lowers heart rate and blood pressure
  4. Reduces harmful blood levels of stress hormone, cortisol
  5. Used to quit smoking, drugs, harmful habits (Karen Zila Hays – Knitting Therapy Knit to Quit – Smoking)
  6. Loose weight, if you are knitting, you are not eating, especially the mindless eating that I do in front of the TV!
  7. Great exercise for fingers
  8. Staves off the decline in brain function
  9. Relaxed repetitive motions can calm the body and brain and create a better mood (Red Heart)
  10. Can help those who battle with depression and anxiety (Crochet Saved My Life by Kathryn Vercillo and Julie Michelle)


In my own battles with depression and anxiety I have seen the benefits of the calming and repetitive motions of both knitting and crochet. I can feel the peace just wash over me. Giving my brain something else to focus on helps to make all those other emotions fade. It is also a great time to focus on prayer and God. Which in turn will also help with all of the other areas.

Benefits of Knitting

If you are not already on who knits or crochets I highly suggest giving it a try.



How has knitting or crochet helped you?


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10 thoughts on “Why You Should Learn to Knit: 10 Health Benefits of Knitting & Crocheting

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lisa! I am so glad that you enjoyed the post! 🙂 I love them both, but I am a little more partial to knitting. Not sure why… I really love being about to create things for others as well and I love having something to do that I can easily carry with me. And, yes it is a huge stress reliever for me as well.



  1. Amy,

    I haven’t mastered knitting. But, I love to crochet. I think going from one needle (or crochet hook) to two needles may be my issue. I began crocheting as a way to feel productive and occupied while watching TV, especially if I was allowing my husband to pick the show. Crocheting has become an urge and need now. The soothing repetitiveness and the accomplishment of the finished product are awesome.
    However, the number one thing I’ve found over time is the friends, especially you, I’ve made due in part to the ‘textile arts’.
    Love you, Beth

    1. You are so very right! Having things like this in common is so much fun! I have loved sharing this with you and look forward to many more projects in the future. I have an awesome opportunity coming up soon, but it is still in the planning stages. I am super excited to promote it for my dear sister blogger!! You are going to love it I think! 🙂
      Love you and Blessings,

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