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Homeschooling: Much More Than “Schooling at Home”!

Homeschooling Much More Than Schooling at HomeHello dear readers. Today I would like to share with you all a guest post from a very dear friend and sister in Christ, Cristine Pina. She is a wonderful woman of God, a mother and wife, and a huge inspiration to me. She also runs a Vlog, Delight Yourself In The Lord, on Youtube that you should really check out.

It is so important, whether we homeschool our children or not, that we instill the truth and virtues of Jesus into our children’s hearts. They are the future missionaries and disciples that will carry God’s word onto the next generation. This is our one true purpose in this world!

I hope that you enjoy Cristine’s beautiful words.

Guest Post by Cristine Pina:

Homeschool is just a word. It’s so much more than just “schooling at home”. I mean, sure, you have academics to cover so they can live, learn and grow into knowledgeable citizens. But that’s not the end goal nor the focus for us.

We desire to instruct our children in the home for so much more than just securing that they’ll receive a proper education. As God’s children, we’re more interested in who they will become as kingdom inheritors rather than worldly achievers.
With rearing the children ourselves, we aim to be intentional about providing opportunities for them to establish solid relationships built on the bedrock of all existence- Christ Jesus. <3
One stance we take to enrich that is by playing a big part in facilitating each child’s worldview as to have it line up with God’s Word. Using the gift of the time we’ve been granted to do just that is crucial.


There is fertile soil where efforts are made to pour your attention and affections abundantly into the good ground of your child’s heart. They also notice when you have taken an interest in finding out who they are as individual people which in turn spurs them on to want to share more with you. And the overarching catalyst for me, personally, to bring my children up under predominantly my care is to become that child’s main influence over peers or teachers!
The child/parent dynamic should mirror our relationship as Sons and Daughters to Father God after all. And as active as we can be, if always “doing” takes precedent over simply “being” then something is out of alignment.
As followers of Christ, it is imperative we cultivate environments where everyone can go to quiet the soul. Creating space where each person can purely be loved on and listened to without an agenda is paramount. And without a doubt, as we do have a responsibility to serve the Lord with our actions, if we never come into His presence to just rest and listen… our lives may be full of works yet devoid of fruit of the Spirit.
I also stand on the fact that when your child sees how you WANT to spend time being around them often and a lot, that supersedes any other steps you could take in sculpting heirs. Plus, it illustrates how much the Lord longs to be with them as well.
So, whether you homeschool or not, I hope to paint a picture for you of what the family unit could look like when we keep in step with God and each other leaving priceless legacies that go way beyond merely instructing scholars. Not there yet but on our way! Won’t you join us?!


Thank You!

Thank you so much Cristine for taking the time to share your wonderful and insightful words with us today. I am blessed by them!


If you would like to check out more of Cristine’s work check out her channel, where you will find her talking about real life as a Christian wife and mother.

Delight Yourself In The Lord

Honing into Home



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  1. I love your thoughts on when our children see that we want to spend time with them. There are so many reasons we’ve chosen to homeschool (poor standards in local schools, wanting our faith to be part of our kids education, etc.), but this is one of the more significant ones. I hope they will somehow see from this that their Heavenly Father also likes spending time with them.
    Shannon recently posted…Manners and Common Courtesies Toddlers Should LearnMy Profile

  2. I believe that our “proper education” is questionable in the USA. We have a poor required education and there are plenty of politics (not the teachers) that need to improve on core reading, writing, arithmetic, etc. We could learn from other countries! Home teaching was a bit hippie like, or so people would say, but core education must be done in a structured environment. That can be in a good public, private or home school. Parents need to esure that their children are educated in many facets of life, that’s their job as a parent. Learn the books, be social and enforce your faith!! Cheers to the quiet home maker you are and Cristine.

    • thequiethomemaker

      April 26, 2017 at 5:42 pm

      Thank you so much for stopping by! I believe that you are very correct. I think that everyone’s definition of structured is different. I feel that each child learns so differently and we really need to work toward figuring out how to help each child learn in their own way. For us, this means that though we are structured in our homeschool we have to take breaks so that MK can burn off a little energy (he is all little boy!). It is very important that no matter where our children school, as you said, they need a well rounded education. Thank you so much for your kind words!

  3. So well thought out and directed by our helper, the Holy Spirit. Cristine is an inspiration to all the homeschooling, Jesus loving and abiding mamas out there. Thank you for spotlighting her writing here.

    • thequiethomemaker

      April 23, 2017 at 8:11 am

      Thank you so much for stopping by! Isn’t she such a blessing! I have not known her very long, but already she has impacted my life. I am so thankful for the new and wonderful relationship that God has brought into my life.



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