10 Fun Ways to Keep “I’m Bored” Out of Your Summer!

10 Fun Ways to Keep I'm Bored out of Your SummerEveryone is so excited for the wonderful school break, but within a week the kids are crying, “I’m bored!”


I am not bored, I am totally thrilled with no lessons to teach and no hand writing to correct! All these toys…how could you possibly be bored?

You know…

When I was a kid…

Let’s NOT go there!!!

Here is how we stave off the boredom blues around here.

1. Limit TV and Electronics:

I know, I know! But…

Though it was a very hard transition, we cut all electronics. I read that this did great things for children with ADD and ADHD and also with their sleep. I let them plan on the weekends for a limited amount of time and during the summer. They had NO CLUE what to do with themselves. But…now they have a much easier time finding something fun and creative to do. This leads to a lot more fun and beautiful moments. Plus we get to talk with and spend more time with the boys, because they are stuck to an electronic. It was a huge adjustment for us all, but one that was well worth it!

2. Game Time Earning

Last year during the summer I ran across this great idea. I wish that I could find it for you all, but if you use Google you will get the picture. This mom made a list of things that her children had to do before they could turn on any electronics. She had some amazing ideas! So I came up with some of my own. Things that I would like them to enjoy each day and things that needed to be done.

Here is my list:

  • Bible
  • Brush hair and teeth
  • Make bed
  • Do chores
  • Clean room
  • Play Outside for 30 minutes
  • Read for 20 minutes
  • Make or Build something (Legos, Knex, blocks, etc.)
  • Write or color
  • School
  • Helping Out Chore

All are assigned a number value to equal 60 minutes of game time.

This does a couple of things; it gets them doing things that they may not otherwise choose, it keeps them entertained for a while, and gives them a reward for tasks done. This has worked really well for the boys. I created an game time earnings for a whole week at a time and also color coded it for things that must be done by certain times. We use this during the school year and the summer.

3. School/Learning

Even though it is summer I still like to make sure that we stay fresh on some school stuff. On MK’s Game Time Earnings sheet he has “Have a good day at school.” During the summer we keep this up. I will have him do a worksheet or workbook page that is fun and a review of what we did the previous year. This gets him 10 minutes of game time and makes the beginning of our homeschool year so much smoother.

Here is the one we are using this year:             

He can also do a word search or learn something new. He is working through a book on dog training and teaching our Lab tricks:

4. Educational Electronics

There are lots of fun ways for your children to get a little education and fun at the same time. I usually limit these to 20 minute blocks because they are still electronics.

We use:




and apps that are educational

5. Projects

Summer time is a great time to work on fun projects. We get busy during the school year with school, PE, Park Days, plus all of the home stuff. Sometimes it is hard to get those projects in. Why not do them now? You have more free time and so do the kiddoes! Here are some that we are working on:

6. Kiwi Crate

Ya’ll! I can not say enough about these amazing little boxes! They are educational and fun at the same time. Wery well thought out, cute, and practical. You can see our first on here. I was SO impressed! We have made a small pinball machine, magic tricks, and a fun rocket and launcher. We have learned all sorts of stuff like the very basics of robots and coding and physics. MK is always very excited to see these come in the mail!

We use:

Kiwi Crate – Perfect for Young Innovators

Check this out!

Kiwi Crate Unboxing Video

There are different ones:


They even have one for babies!


Click these links to receive 30% off!

Kiwi Crate Save 30% On Your First Month

Tinker Crate Save 30% On Your First Month’s Box

Doodle Crate Save 30% On Your First Month’s Box

Koala Crate Save 30% On Your First Month’s Box

7. Hoffman Academy

Now you do need a keyboard for this one, but this guy is an amazing piano teacher and all of the videos are FREE! You can subscribe for a very reasonable price, and you get some amazing extras like sheet music and games. But it is not necessary to watch the videos. MK loves these and has learned SO much! Joseph Hoffman is super funny and very likeable. Mk just goes and does his lessons by himself, he loves him so much!



8. $1 Movies

We try to hit this huge deal up a couple time during the summer. Regal Cinamas has the Summer Movie Express each summer and it is only $1 per person to get in! It is super fun and cheap. I bring water and get a refillable popcorn and we are good to go!


9. Wings of Fire Series

MK, BB, and myself are all reading this series and are really enjoying them. It is so fun to be able to share books with the boys and talk with them about all of our favorite parts and characters. They really enjoy that I take an interest in the books that they enjoy.

JP is also reading The Hardy Boys to BB and MK at night before bed. They all really enjoy this time together.





Summer is hot, people! Summer is a time for cooling off in the water. Turn on the sprinkler, get a slip-n-slide, go to a National/State park with water, or join a water park. We are blessed to have a river on our property and friends with pools! Water makes for a nice summer and tired kids!!



I hope that you enjoyed all of these ideas and that they will help you keep the, “I’m bored!” out of your summer!





Do you have any other wonderful summer boredom busters? Make sure to share in the comments below!



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