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My dear friend Jessica from Overwhelmed to Fulfilled and I would like to welcome you to, Live Life Well: Encouragement for the Journey.  Where each week you can come and check out multiple links  to wonderful posts full of encouragement for busy women from all walks of life. We pray that this is a blessing to you

We are ALL Creative

Over the last year or so I have come to realize that we are all creative in our own ways. God was very creative, think of all of the wonderful things that He created for our enjoyment. He was also so very creative when He formed you! You are a beautiful work of art.

We are each given gifts and talents, areas that we are strong in, that should be used for God’s glory. So there are some of us who go beyond creative into artistic or gifted in certain areas. Take music, we can all let loose and strum a guitar and some pretty cool stuff come out, even though we may never be a gifted musician, we can be creative in this area and find joy in it.

Maybe you sew a little, or draw, or color, or work with wood, knit, crochet, or just dabble in a little fun painting! It can be so rewarding and relaxing to spend time being creative! And you never know, you may try it and LOVE it!

In our featured post this week we have Naush from Doodle Buddies where she blogs about crafting and the benefits of creating something. She is sharing with us about the workshop that she did for women in Dubai and the pros to getting involved with some sort of craft workshop.

How encouraging it is to see these women work to create something and to see the joy that it has brought them. It is so important that we try new things ourselves. That we expose our children to all sorts of new things. We never know where our, or their, talents and gifts may be exposed!

Featured Post on Live Life Well

Doodle Buddies

Creative Craft Mornings by Naush Samama

In Dubai, we have sewing/quilt/crochet clubs, and we have quilting/papercrafting classes, however, I feel, there are far too many crafts that cannot be categorized and that’s exactly, what I was offering.

Every project they attempted was remarkable, considering no one had attempted such projects before.

Every one learnt something new, a skill, a technique, a design,  especially me.

I learnt that, making friends with like minded creative people is A GIFT !!  And I cherish these friendships.

I was truly overwhelmed.

Enthusiasm, patience and perseverance are the only ingredients needed to brew any success story.

Needless to say, the results were amazing.



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4 thoughts on “Live Life Well: Encouragement for the Journey

  1. Thank you for featuring my Sweetheart Bark!! Thank you for hosting. I linked my Sweetheart Collection, Creamy Cheesy Enchiladas and a Gluten Free Ranch Dip for the big game. I hope you enjoy them! Have a happy week! #OverTheMoon #WWBlogHop #ThursdayFavoriteThings

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and for linking up!! It always makes me smile to see the lovely creations that you come up with. I can not wait to add your Enchiladas to my menu next week!!!



  2. Thank you Amy and Jessica for the lovely feature. Truly its such a blessing having friends who appreciate the encouragement of cultivating a hobby. I cannot begin to tell you how touched, I am by this encouragement and honor.
    Plenty of love from Dubai

    1. Naush,

      We are so glad that you stopped by and linked up! I pray that this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship! I know that for me, crafting has been instrumental in healing and feel that it is important!



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