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Live Life WellMy dear friend Jessica from Overwhelmed to Fulfilled and I would like to welcome you to, Live Life Well: Encouragement for the Journey.  Where each week you can come and check out multiple links  to wonderful posts full of encouragement for busy women from all walks of life. We pray that this is a blessing to you


Raising Special Needs Children

Being a mom and raising children is hard. There are some amazing days and there are some that are…well, terrible. But when you have a child with special needs you need a whole different skill set! A whole different set of patience, peace, strength, and wisdom.

I began to have a deeper understanding of this, and added sympathy for these warrior moms when I read Different by Sally Clarkson. She beautifully explains the good, the bad, and the ugly of raising children with special needs. She now encourages other women who are walking this path. And gives understanding for those who are not.

You see, all moms need a support system. A loving, non-judgmental, support system. We need to be this for each other!

In today’s featured post Sasha talks with us about the stress involved in raising a special needs child and offers 5 tips to help combat the stress. I was so blessed by her words ans so very thankful that she linked up with us last week! I feel that this is a message that many other moms need.


Featured Post on Live Life Well

Such a Time as This

The Stress of the Special Needs Mom Stress and Autism {5 Tips to Help} by Sasha


In a few short weeks we will be celebrating our oldest son’s 13th birthday.  13.  Where has the time gone?  How has my baby grown into a teenager?  Recently, I sat and thought back on the weeks leading up to  his birth.  I had so many hopes and thoughts of who this little person would be.  We didn’t know if he was a boy or a girl but we knew we would love him and cherish him.  I had expectations, that now looking back weren’t realistic but I was living life through the lens of a first time mommy.  I knew he would be potty trained by age 2 and be the best (and most polite) eater that ever lived.  He would learn to read and write early and be an excellent student.


When the nurses handed me my brand new bundle of joy I realized how much I loved him and wanted to protect him.  I imagined who he would become and how he would change our lives.  The one thing I left out … the thing I had never once considered is that he could have special needs.

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