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Live Life WellMy dear friend Jessica from Overwhelmed to Fulfilled and I would like to welcome you to, Live Life Well: Encouragement for the Journey.  Where each week you can come and check out multiple links  to wonderful posts full of encouragement for busy women from all walks of life. We pray that this is a blessing to you



There is one thing, that when mentioned around a group of women, is going to get someone really stirred up. Submission to a husband! Wow, those words can get you some dirty looks. But as Christians we really need to stop skipping over these verses and really soak them in. God designed the family unit to work a certain way, and there was a very good reason for this design. Also we need to remember that submission does not mean slave, or doormat. When I began to truly understand what this word meant it changed my life and my marriage. Two people can not be in the lead, and if they are both trying, there is going to be chaos and fighting.

Our featured post for the week is about how, when you learn to let your husband lead, as he was designed to do, it will change your marriage!


Featured Post on Live Life Well

Overwhelmed to Fulfilled

Submit to Your Husband and Change Your Marriage by Jessica Gross


Live Life WellSubmission feels like a yucky word.  Like an insult almost.  When I would hear about it in Christian conversations or messages.  It would make me cringe.  Truthfully, I just kind of ignored it, and thought praise God – that one will have to wait.

Anyone who really knows me will probably spit their coffee on the screen when they read this title.

God has been working on me.  And I mean working!  He is not going to let this thing go.

Let me start this off with my mother.  My mother is a very strong independent woman.  She has always taken care of herself and her three kids.  Even when she was married, she carried all of the burden.  She made sure things were taken care of.  My father was missing or sporadically around for the majority of my life.  I had a step-dad for like 10 years, but my mom was still like a “single parent.”  She is one amazing woman.


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4 thoughts on “Live Life Well: Encouragement for the Journey

  1. Hi Amy! Thanks for stopping by my site today and I wanted to return the favor and linkup here as well. I hope to see you again each week. Great post choice to feature, and I agree you do get some strange looks from people when you mention the word submission… but only because it has been misused and people abused in the name of submission. Blessings and thanks for the link-up opportunity.

    1. Debbie,
      You are so right, the word submission has been very misused!

      Thank you so much for stopping by and for linking up!

      I will be back to your link up! I am so excited about finding a couple of good link ups to join that are more in my niche.



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