Happy Mother’s Day! + Menu Plan + Exciting News!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of your wonderful mothers out there!

To the biological mothers, foster mothers, step-mothers, and adoptive mothers. To those who are the step-in and step-up mothers, those who fill in the gaps for those who are not the mothers that they should be. For Mother-in-Law’s, especially the ones who are great like mine!!! And for those who have the dream of motherhood in their heart. I thank you for all that you do!

Motherhood is mostly a behind-the-scenes job. You get paid in hugs and kisses and that is perfectly fine to you! You are in the trenches, growing the next generation. It is a HUGE responsibility and undertaking, that without God seems impossible. For the moms that I know personally, you ROCK IT even on your worst day! I am blessed to know you all, and to learn from you as we go through this life together. Make sure to take a minute today to rest and enjoy just being you!

Be Blessed Mothers!


The Menu Plan:


Ok so the menu plan for the week has been thrown out the window. Why, you ask? Well we have some VERY exciting news!! Oh my gosh I am about to bust with excitement! This is going to open a whole new chapter in our lives. BUT, I can not tell you what it is yet! I will write about it in next weeks menu plan. If that is too long to wait, then you can sign up for our newsletter in the sidebar, and you can hear all about it on Thursday! Make sure to follow me on social media, I am sure that I will be posting a few pics!!!

It is going to be an off week, so I am just going to make a few crock pot meals and some easy stuff, like tacos or burgers and chips.


Have a blessed Mother’s Day and week!




Do you menu plan? What is on your menu for the week? Have you tried and liked any new recipes?


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