Jumping on the Bandwagon: My One Word for 2018

My Father has been doing an amazing work in me over the last 3 or so years. I have battled with depression and anxiety for more years than I care to count. My journey of healing started with a phrase…

one word for 2018

It is the beginning of a new year and all around you hear about setting goals and resolutions. I think reflecting on the past year (or even the past few months) and setting goals is very important.

Michael Hyatt says:

“The practice of goal-setting is not just helpful; it is a prerequisite for happiness. Psychologists tell us that people who make consistent progress toward meaningful goals live happier more satisfied lives than those who don’t..” ~Michael Hyatt

But there is another thing that you will notice about the New Year. This #OneWord thing has taken over social media and the blogging world. Why? There are two reasons I think:

One, choosing #OneWord for the year helps to direct our focus in our goal setting. If we have a word like Debbie Kitterman did (advance), then we set our goals based on what we want to advance in our life over the year. You can read about all that she accomplished in that “advance” year here.

Two, it helps us to really focus on areas of our life where God is leading us to change or grow. So if you look at Jessica @ Overwhelmed to Fulfilled and her amazing word of the year, “surrender”, you will see that she will be working all year on learning to surrender all things to the Father! So beautiful! Read her post here.

For Christian woman I feel that both of these are great. We must be careful and make sure that our #OneWord is God chosen and that we follow His leading.

My Story

My Father has been doing an amazing work in me over the last 3 or so years. I have battled with depression and anxiety for more years than I care to count.

My journey of healing started with a phrase, given to me from God through my husband, Jesse.

I sat with my head in his lap, sobbing over yet another huge blow from troubles with my oldest son. Jesse took a pen and wrote on my hand, “You are loved.”


you are loved


I read it, and cried even harder! It was as if my eyes were opened and the love of my husband and the love of God just washed over me. I had lived in doubt of this love, but in that moment, I knew…

They both truly loved me!

It was life changing for me. The struggle was not over. I did not wash that part of my hand for days, keeping the reminder close. I spent a year and a half repeating those words to myself, and still have to remind myself of this from time to time. But Oh the change that it has made in my life to accept God’s abundant love for me!


one word for 2018


So God had chosen my word for me, and I lived in those words.

The creative heart in me longs to have it tattooed on the inside of my wrist, never to be forgotten again. Alas, the chicken in me can not go through with it!

My One Word for 2018

When a friend and I were talking about her one word for 2018, I was thinking about how awesome God is. You see, He had me focused on being “loved” for over a year. I figured I would stay there, but He had more work for me, little did I know.

On my birthday back in September, I went to our unfinished back deck to pray. I chose a spot right where I could feel the warm sun on my face. All day I had felt His amazing presence, and now was no different. I began praying. Thanking Him for the amazing day and all of our blessings, for showing me His love, and giving me so much joy and peace. I thanked Him for His presence for the day and all of the unmerited favor showed towards me.

As we talked I felt Him really press my heart with something that He has been subtly working on for the last few months…

God had been making me secure in His love and the love of my husband for a purpose. What was that purpose? He wants me to stop living in fear! “Perfect love casts out fear.” (I John 4:18). It is time to rest in that love and stop being so full of fear, worry, and anxiety.



So for as long as He has me in this place. I will be working on being fearless. Am I fearful? Heck yes! I have no clue where this will lead and that is a little terrifying!

So what will this look like for me? How am I going to put this into practice?

Action Plan

  • Study and mark verses on Fear
  • Read 1 book per month (This month is Fearless by Max Lucado)
  • Disappear fearful thoughts
  • Face fears at His leading
  • Recognize “the fear of rejection” that stops me from doing something
  • Pray and spend quiet time with God

Facing my fears is not something that I can do on my own. I need to trust God, and to follow His lead.

But I want to be silly with my guys without fear of rejection (them laughing at me). To step out of my introverted shell and make new experiences. To go where He leads, because for way too long I have been crippled by fear. For too long I have missed opportunities and experiences because I was scared.

I want to remember that no matter what, God’s got this. I mean, I was never in control anyway, right?


Has God lead you to One Word for 2018? Share below!









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9 thoughts on “Jumping on the Bandwagon: My One Word for 2018

  1. Amy – Congratulations and welcome to the one word band wagon! What a powerful, freeing and grace filled word – Fearless is. Powerful because you will not be the same, this word and the actions you take in walking it out in obedience to God will be powerful! Freeing, well, because you will be set free and fully enveloped in His love ( His perfect love is casting out the fear) and grace filled, well, because at times it will take God’s grace ( His unmerited favor) and His hand upon your life to keep you moving ahead! I am so excited for you. Thanks for linking up at #tuneinthursday

    Ps: fear of rejection is one that gets a lot of us, me included… Lysa Terkeurst’s book Uninvited covers this topic well. My fear was always what others would think (aka fear of man) My favorite verse to combat fear is: Romans 8:15
    Debbie Kitterman recently posted…Wait for it & Tune In Thursday #47My Profile

    1. Debbie,

      Thank you so much for stopping by! And for your inspirational words! I adore Lysa Terkeurst, and that book has been on my to read list for awhile! I think I will have to bump it up on the list! Your words have inspired me to really dig even a little deeper as I go through these books and verses. I think for the next year the only Bible studies that I will do will be with the books and verses that I am working on. I was trying to do this and a Romans study, and while the study was amazing, I could not focus on the “fearless” studying as much. I really want to dig deep this year.

      Again, thank you so much for stopping by and you words you have made my day!!



  2. Good word and marvelously transparent post. My “word this year is 2018” is two words “no regrets”. So, I’m on fully raw fruits and veggies again, off social media and spending an abundance of time with family and friends who are like family. No regrets with how I spend my moments & making memories while aiming to honor God with it all! Love to you!!!
    Cristine recently posted…Love Like Nurses: (The High Calling of Motherhood!)My Profile

    1. Cristine,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and I am so glad that you enjoyed the post. You have chosen a great set of words for the year! I think that it is important to be very intentional about how we spend our time and who with. One of my favorite sayings is when you say yes to something, you are saying no to something else. So make sure about your yeses!!!

      Love you!


  3. You seriously are on fire girl! I love that your word of the year is fearless. That you said “Heck Yes” I’m afraid of where this is going to go, but I’m going with God on it anyway! I can’t wait to see what happens to you this year. I think it’s going to be some pretty magnificent things!

    blessed by your blog. blessed by your friendship. blessed by you.
    Jessica recently posted…How to Create a Morning Routine and Have a Successful DayMy Profile

    1. Jessica,

      Thank you so much for your word of kindness and encouragement! You are such a blessings to me as well. Keep me in your prayers please! I am hugely fearful, so while I know that this will be an amazing year full of God and power, I also know that I will need plenty of strength to face down the fear!

      Blessings my friend,


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