Grace and Mercy in Parenting

Wow, I just had to have one of those talks with my 15 year old. You know the “I know that you are doing things that you shouldn’t” talks. The ones where there are tears and disappointment and you leave the table exhausted and spent.
I have been putting it off because, well, I did not want to deal with it honestly. He and I have been in such a great place lately. I do not want it messed up with manipulation (on his part) and anger and no fun punishment (that is my part).
We only have a few more years with him in the house and I want them to be good. No, I want them to be great!

Will he ever understand my love for him? Will he ever think, “Oh I get it now?” Maybe…if he has kids of his own.

Today I offer him grace and mercy and pray that he makes wiser choices.


Do you have teens? It can be hard at times. Share below! 🙂


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A Fun Surprise!

A Fun Surprise for MKLook what we go in the mail! Our first Kiwii Crate. What a fun surprise! We are so excited about this little green box.

I was so impress with the ad that I saw on Facebook, and knew that MK would love this. Really though, I was not sure if I wanted to commit. As we were approaching his birthday they offered a discount. This is great I thought, I can give him the first one for his birthday and the next two for Christmas! Score!

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What I am Reading 11/14

Happy Monday to you all.
I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend.
Unfortunately my hubby worked all weekend, but that meant a little extra time for me to read. I am very excited about this weeks books. I have a plan to finish a few, but I am also starting a new book! I do hope that you will join me. Continue reading

Money Making Mom by Crystal Paine

Good day to you all. I just wanted to write a quick post on Crystal Paine’s (from  book Money Making Mom. I am reading this book right now (check out my post “What I am Reading This Week”) and am getting so much information. She has a great way of explaining things that is very helpful to those who are new to the business world.
On November 15th, Money Making Mom will be available in paperback on Amazon and with Prime Shipping (See below). If you are thinking you would like to start your own business but are not sure where to start, this is the book for you.

You can also pick it up used on Amazon, but be aware of shipping costs, seller ratings, and book condition.



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The heritage of the servants of the Lord…

God is for you! He loves you and wants you to prosper and be happy. When we accept Jesus as our savior we become like Jesus in God’s eyes. He is for you! You are His precious child.

Isaiah 54:17
“‘No weapon formed against you shall prosper. And every tongue which rises against you in judgment you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is from Me,’ says the Lord.”

Read Isaiah 54:17 again. This is a promise for all the servants of the Lord. That means all who have accepted Jesus as their savior.

Now, I know what you are thinking, “But Amy, bad things have happened to me.” I know, and I understand. But listen…We live in a fallen world, run by an evil, evil beings who find joy in wrecking havoc and destroying lives. Every bad thing comes from Satan. But on the flip side, every good thing comes from God! And guess what? God wins this war.


We will all experience horrible things in this world. Take a closer look at those negative things though. Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that all things work together for the good of those who love God.” God can and will work in the negative, if you will let Him.

Even in death Satan looses.

I am a child of God, saved by grace. I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior and I have the gift of eternal life! When I close my eyes in death in this life, I will open them at the throne of my sweet Jesus!

We may not understand it all on this side of Heaven, but we can trust God. His is for us. No evil can prosper against us.

“‘For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,’ says the Lord. ‘For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.'” Isaiah 55:8-9

May God Bless You All!