DIY Bobbin Holder

Are you learning to change colors in your crochet or knitting? This DIY bobbin holder easily fits the bill. And for under $10 it is SO in my price range!

DIY Bobbin HolderOne thing that I have learned that makes color changing easier is to have bobbins and a bobbin holder. Last week I share with you my own FREE DIY Crochet Bobbins. But I really needed an efficient way to work with all those bobbins. This DIY bobbin holder is quick and easy and can be made for under $10!

I wanted something that held the bobbins away from each other, and I wanted separate holes for each piece of yarn. I also wanted it to be relatively easy to change the bobbins around.

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DIY Crochet Bobbins

Are you new to changing colors while knitting or working with crochet? Learn how to make you own (very cheap but cute) DIY Crochet Bobbins!

DIY Crochet BobbinsI am participating in a crochet along that has me learning a new skill, changing colors! To do this I found that you need something called a bobbin.

For crochet? Yes, there are bobbins for knitting and crochet as well as sewing. Who knew? LOL. As I was searching the web looking for some way that I could make or get some bobbins quick (I am a little impatient) I came up with an idea of my own. Read more

Fall Crochet Along: Hosted by Dreams and Caffeine

Do you need a fun crochet project for the fall? Then you should check out this awesome Wanderlust Fall Crochet Along, hosted by Dreams and Caffeine!

Fall Crochet AlongSo a few weeks ago I wrote about 10 amazing benefits of the textile arts like knitting and crochet. The next week I gave you a simple knitting project that is great for beginners.

Today I am going to point you in the direction of a wonderful project that I will be participating in this fall. It is a Fall Crochet Along that will be hosted by Dreams and Caffeine. During the CAL we will be given the grid pattern each week through email and will work that pattern during the next week (making sure to share our progress on the private FB group).

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How to Let Go And Give Control Back to God

Are you overwhelmed because you are controlling things you really have not control over? Do you need to know how to let go and give a few things back to God? Jesus says that His burden is light, and if we only take on what is actually ours to take on, then this is correct. But when we try to carry loads that are not ours to carry, we harm ourselves and those around us.

So this past weekend I have had to work on a weakness that I did not really recognize in myself. Which is funny because I can see it so clearly in others. When people have a rough childhood that they do not face, they tend to control their surroundings, including those people that are in their lives. I believe that this stems from the inability to control what happened to them as a child. Now, while I did not have a perfect childhood I did not have what most would consider a terrible one either. There are quite a few issues that I have had to deal with because of my rearing, but they largely consist of a lack of love, unattainable standards, and a rules and regulations God. I have been working closely with God on these things over the last 10 years or so. Read more

How to Handle Adversity as a Christian

In this life there will be adversity. We are not exempt from hardships because we are Christians. So how should we handle adversity when it strikes?

How to Handle AdversityIn our day to day life knowing how to handle adversity is very important. It is something that we will face and as a Christian should be handled in the proper manner.

I believe that there are a couple of things that we should do, but the most important thing to remember during adversity is that God is using this time to grow us spiritually and draw us closer to Him.

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