Accepting God’s Abundant Love for You: Pray for Help

When accepting God’s abundant love on thing that can hold us back is the lies of the devil. What lies does the enemy tell you? When you hear those lies, immediately pray for help.

Most every day I am hit with one lie or another. The devil loves chaos. To make us unsure for even a second causes chaos in our hearts.

You see, he knows a truth that we may not completely understand yet. After we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, he is powerless. He can not have us. We belong to The King. What he can do is keep us in a place of doubt, fear, anxiety, and worthlessness. He can steal our joy and keep us from God’s plan and purpose. Continue reading

Accepting God’s Abundant Love For You: A 5 Week Series

Your heavenly Father loves you with a perfect and beautiful love. He knows absolutely everything about you, there is nothing you can hide from Him. And He desires for you to understand His love. Are you accepting God’s abundant love?

Most days I wonder why God even bothers with a sinner like me. I mean really, I mess up WAY more than I get it right. And for some reason I must learn the same lesson over and over again! Why can’t I get it the first time? Because I am a sinner. But, God knows this, and He gently corrects me and redirects my path like a mother with a young toddler.

At times it is hard to accept God’s love. To think that He loves us not matter what. I do not know about you, but for me, there have been plenty in my life who did not love me just as I was. Plenty who left me, alone. After each departure I felt more worthless. “What is wrong with me?” I would think. Continue reading

Finish The Hard Thing: When God Lets You Keep Working

Don’t give up.  Just because God hasn’t miraculously broken through the last tiles of the roof – the push to the finish – doesn’t mean you’re not doing the right thing. God wants to see you break through.  Finish the hard thing.

Finish the hard thingGuest post by Jessica @ Overwhelmed to Fulfilled

My pastor recently did a sermon on a pretty familiar story in Luke 5.  However, the description he put in the story opened the door for God to speak a brand new message into my heart to finish the hard thing.  Isn’t that a wonderful thing about scripture?  The living word?  The message we receive changes as we change.  Never in a contradicting way but still new.

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What To Do When You Do Not Desire God

There will be times in everyone’s life when you do not desire God. The important thing to remember is that it is during these times that we need to be more intentional about our time with Him. He is the Lord of all and there is NO ONE who will direct us, love us, or protect us more.

When You Do Not Desire GodSomeone once said to me, “I just don’t have the desire to read the Bible, strengthen my faith, or pray (to make a change). Shouldn’t I have a desire to do these things?” In the moment I really was not sure what to say. And honestly, I am fairly new at this , trying to be bold in my faith (Eph. 6:20). So I said nothing, though I truly felt that this probably was not a correct way of thinking.

So this is my answer to this beautiful soul. NO!!! Do not wait for emotion to guide you, go back to truth, stand on truth.

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DIY Bobbin Holder

Are you learning to change colors in your crochet or knitting? This DIY bobbin holder easily fits the bill. And for under $10 it is SO in my price range!

DIY Bobbin HolderOne thing that I have learned that makes color changing easier is to have bobbins and a bobbin holder. Last week I share with you my own FREE DIY Crochet Bobbins. But I really needed an efficient way to work with all those bobbins. This DIY bobbin holder is quick and easy and can be made for under $10!

I wanted something that held the bobbins away from each other, and I wanted separate holes for each piece of yarn. I also wanted it to be relatively easy to change the bobbins around.

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