The Beginning of a Dream…

The Beginning of a Dream

As a child, we always spent at least two weeks during the summer at my mother’s parents farm. They had 200 acres of land and raised cows. They also planted and froze Butter Beans and Snap Peas. My Papa was the best! He would have us kids around all over that farm. He taught me to fish, drive a tractor, and work hard. He was a hard man, but a good one, but heaven help, do NOT tell him you are bored!

We were outside with him all day moving and feeding cows, while my Nanny worked at the bank in town. When we came in we would sit in the kitchen with her while she cooked and just talk with her.

We would eat dinner, all at the table, which was a treat because my parents always sat in the other room. After dinner there was usually ice ream. We would run out to the porch and get it out of the big freezer while Nanny got bowls. Then Papa would dip, always picking by only putting in a tiny bit.

If there wasn’t ice cream, then Papa would make homemade popcorn while Nanny poured Coke for each of us. Which we were allowed to take into the living room! This was a very huge treat!

I always loved these weeks with my grandparents. I loved the rhythm of farm life. I loved the cows and the smell of the feed, earth, and manure. I love the time they took to teach us things. I loved the wide open fields.

The smell of the cowsfeeding the cows








I did not know it yet, but a dream was growing in my heart. A dream for my own little piece of land. A dream to work with my hands, and live a quiet peaceful life.

What are your dreams? What helped these dreams to grow in your heart?






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