TQH Updates + Menu Plan Monday

It is Monday again and time for our Menu Plan Monday!! But first lets talk about what has been going on the past week!

It is a bit of a rainy day today, but that means guilt-free relaxation! We have had a busy but great week. If you follow me on Instagram then you saw that we officially moved the last of the last of our stuff! We picked up BB so he could help and then got to enjoy lunch with him before we took him back to his moms.

Hard Work and Patience

I also had my first zucchini flower this week my little garden is growing slowly but surely. Life is all about hard work and lots of patience, isn’t it? That’s okay though because the reward is so worth it.

We are very excited that the work on the cabin is coming along. We met with a friend who’s going to help out with some things like door frames, porch steps, and rails for the wraparound porch. We also met with the plumber who will get started next week, and the insulation guy. Y’all there are so many little things that go on behind the scenes that you do not realize! And so many decisions to make, but what a blessing it is to build build or house like this. Hard work and patience!

Camper Updates!

Camper living is going well. I think we are getting into our own Rhythm, learning to live within the space we have, and understanding how blessed we are to have the extra space! We wired up a shed for our school room come August and for laundry. MK can play the keyboard in there and also play with his toys. We have the nice porch which is covered on three sides so we can sit out there. Plus the cabin which MK treats as his own little playground! Also there is a takers which is a lot of land to play on!

Now that we are kind of finding our groove, following a menu plan is a lot easier. Having such a small space sheds a whole new light on how much I need my menu plan in place. There is not enough room for a whole lot of extras. So a menu plan helps me to plan and create a grocery list that does not over crowd or space.

So here it is for this week:

Sunday – Leftovers/wraps/out to eat

Monday Salmon patties, salad, roasted potatoes and butternut squash

TuesdayPizza Baked Spaghetti (a little twist off of this recipe), salad, garlic toast

Wednesday – Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

Thursday – Southwestern salad

Friday – Chicken Quesadillas, raw veggies, and dip

Saturday –¬†Leftovers/wraps/out to eat


I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed week!



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