My UP3 Band and How it is Helping Me…

While I was watching a Crystal Paine Periscope, she mentioned her UP3 band and all that it could do. I had been using my step counter on my phone, but it is quite limited in what it does, plus if I really want to count steps I have to keep my phone on me at all times! This is stressful to me. I do not like being attached to my phone.

I did a little research and found that the UP App has some of the best ratings out there for the active band market. I downloaded the App to see how it worked and loved it. I easily synced it with my phone step counter and I was off!
One of the greatest things about the app and counter is that it keeps up with how many calories I am allowed to have based on my activity level. I am loving this!  So I have put in a weight goal of 130 and the app gives me a starting point of 1,200 calories for the day. Put in food and it subtracts calories. Take steps or get in a workout and it adds calories. You do not have to do all of that counting and figuring yourself.
After using the App for a few and doing some more research I am now ready to make the commitment to purchase the UP3 Band! I have talked with my wonderful hubby, and while he thinks it is a little silly, he said if I want it to go for it!
Isn’t he the best!!!
So it is ordered and on its way!

I will update you with more information after I get it.




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