What If Our Weakness Isn’t Something We Are Supposed To Overcome?

Today I have a special guest post for you, where we will be talking about the fact that, just maybe, sometimes our weakness isn’t something we are supposed to overcome, but are instead used to draw us closer to our Heavenly Father. With me today is Jessica from Overwhelmed to Fulfilled, and I know that you will be blessed by her words today. Make sure to take a minute and check out her site!

What if…

I know this sounds weird.  I am all about overcoming our weaknesses.  The majority of my blog posts are about accomplishing goals, identifying the power you have to create the life you want, tips and strategies to be the best version of yourself – all while relying on God and loving yourself.

My heart for moms is for you to let go of the things that aren’t important.  So, you can enjoy your life and leave behind the guilt of all the outside influences that make you feel less than…because you can never do all the things they say you “should do.”

Grace in Weakness

But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”  Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.
2 Corinthians 12:9

This is one of the more popular verses of the bible.  We all have weaknesses, right?  Making the reassurance of this verse a good one.

I love this verse too, why?  It allows me to accept my weaknesses and look forward to God working both through them and despite of them.

Recently, Christ has revealed to me that I’ve always assumed, without even recognizing it, that God worked through my weaknesses, until eventually I overcame it.  In other words, God will work through this weakness for a certain amount of time, until it no longer bothers me, and I have victory over it.

You hear speakers sometimes talk about how they used to be terrified to get on stage.  They would get up there and forget what they were supposed to say, but God made it happen and spoke through them.  Now they are great speakers…they overcame their weakness.

Introverts – who have never been good at opening up and communicating to others, setting themselves up into a position to share their life and their experiences with others for the greater good.  They build businesses, become bloggers and you tube champions.  God works despite their shyness.  They overcame their weakness of opening up to others.

Food addicts – who are overweight become strong and healthy and start to encourage others to start their own journey.  God gives them the strength to change their minds, and they overcame their weakness.

The Dream

This is the dream we all have, huh?  I will keep fighting through.  Keep making one good decision after another, and I will beat this thing.

Sometimes we even go so far as to say “Yes, I need God.”  It is only by God’s strength that I can get through this, and that is true.  But what if some weaknesses are not something that we will ever conquer?  No matter how many right decisions.  Or our dependence on God?  Or moving in the right direction for months, or years?

This thought was a revelation to me.

With the help of God, we will completely overcome many of our weaknesses.  We work with God, ask Him to give us strength, focus on our one good decision at a time, watch God work despite of us, and eventually we will get to a place where that is no longer a problem for us anymore.

Other times, the weakness that we are begging God for strength to get through will be something that He wants us to continue to rely on Him for.  We will not develop enough strength or will power to defeat it.  God will be faithful.  He will walk us through.  He will meet all of our needs, but He may not ever set us free from it.

Weakness isn’t Something We are Supposed to Overcome?

Maybe it is something God is using to keep you tied to Him.  Looking for Him.  Depending on Him.  Not until you are strong enough to do it on your own, but He is showing you that He never wants us to go at it alone.  He wants to use that weakness to keep you at the feet of Jesus.  His desire is for us to cling to Him, keep us bound tightly to Him to do life.  Not until we overcome…but for always.

When we are faithful to calling out to Him, clinging to Him, choosing the things that are above, He will walk us through…not always to overcoming the weakness, but to victory in Jesus.

Why is this such a revelation to me?  Because it takes some o the pressure off, right?  We don’t have to get down on ourselves because we’ve been trying to overcome this thing for so long, and we still haven’t “made it.”  Why do we have to put some arbitrary time line for ourselves?  Maybe God always wants you to rely on Him for this.

What are you trying to overcome right now?  How would it look if you took the pressure off of yourself to overcome and just allowed God to work?

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My name is Jessica.

I am a wife to one, mother of two, and a child of God.  My absolute favorite thing is to be at home with my little family.

I am a working mother and blogger.  I help moms who struggle with guilt and overwhelm because of all the things they “should be” doing to Let Go and Be Present.  So, they may Enjoy Life, have Fulfillment and truly Live out Each Day with the ones they love most. Read More…




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